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In reality, ourselves, we are God

«In a certain way, the Universe has always taken me in, active or dozing off. I am awake now. It has taken me a while to become aware. Perhaps it is the commotion from the impact, along with the obligatory adaptation, which has disoriented my consciousness in some way. I believe that now I am beginning to find myself anew; although I feel somewhat strange despite the almost perfect effectuation of this adaptation. This phenomenon they called «life». And this place, «Earth», Planet Earth.»

In this edition, Antonio Miguel offers us a collection of reflections that make up a personal philosophy that is as removed from political ideologies as religious ones, all in the spirit of self-improvement and scientific advancement whilst keeping an individual touch and social reality. A book that bestows upon us a new consciousness through means of a combination of simple and profound reflections in pursuit of the meaning and reason behind our existence. A frank and penetrating read that provides answers, stimuli and perhaps the discovery of a relevant personal message. Illustrated edition, 140 pages with magnificent images of the Universe. Available in Amazon:

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